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Here in the hotel/restaurant Le Florentin, the safety of our Clients, Employees & Service Providers is paramount.

Anti-bacterial gel and masks are available at the front desk of the hotel and in the restaurant.

We sympathise deeply with all of you who are affected by Covid-19 and understand your concerns about the new travel rules as well as the Public Events which are cancelled or delayed.

We are extremely attentive to the new weekly directives issued by the Belgian Government and can respond to any questions/worries you may have.

We, here in Le Florentin, have already implemented the following safety measures for our Clients, Staff and Service Providers:

  1. Constant communication with the Belgian Health Authorities, Government Institutions and Industry Associations.
  2. All preventative measures with regard to cleansing and disinfecting of:
    - Hotel Rooms (Clients)
    - Communal Hotel/Restaurant areas (Bar, toilets, etc)
    - Internal storage areas for food/drink, etc
  3. Full, daily updated and transparent information with regard to any questions put forward by our Clients, Staff and Service Providers.
  4. Full commitance of Government regulated directives with regard to sanitization.
    - Provision of Anti-Bacterial Gel
    - Strict observance of social-distancing measures

Hygienic Measures:

As mentioned above, all matters of hygiene & cleanliness are strictly observed in all areas of Le Florentin with particular attention to the kitchen, reception, restaurant, bar and storage areas.


Our interim policy, with regard to the current situation is as follows:

All cancellations received within 48 hours will not incur an extra charge.

Should circumstances change with regard to new Government directives, Le Florentin will adapt accordingly.

Apart Hotel Rentals:

As of today full Room Service of the Restaurant Menu is also available in lieu of self-shopping.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our trusted Client, Staff and Service Providers for their continued support and loyalty.

Stéphanie Fontenoy

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