“Le Florentin” is first and foremost a beautiful family story filled with passion for the culinary arts, fine things, gastronomy and the terroir.

Stéphanie Fontenoy’s great grandfather founded a salting company called Blaise in
Florenville back in 1910. He was succeeded in 1949 by his son Georges, and then his wife, who is
still going strong, and is still running the family group with her daughters and granddaughters.

From salt products to the creation of culinary products and catering services, the family business
has expanded throughout these years by giving priority to quality and terroir products.

Embarking on the restaurant and hotel business was just a step away…a step that the family was happy
to take some ten years ago when it created the restaurant, called “Le Florentin” and then the hotel
in the process.

And the recipe gelled instantly!

But “Le Florentin” would not be what it is without the panache of chef Philippe Duret.

He earned his acclaimed credentials during the exciting years he spent working for two famous
establishments: the “Moulin Hideux” and the “Gastronome”. 

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